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    WTB Blue left fairing

    New tires are slick! Looking for a front left fairing. Thanks! 2013 blue
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    Ok which tires would you put on your Bike the Dunlop Q'3 or the Dunlop Road Master II's? I know the Road Masters will last longer but is there that much difference in the feel of the two tires?
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    Hey everyone I am looking to put a new set of tires on my bike I have been riding Dunlop Sportsmax Roadmaster's looking at the Dunlop Sportsmax Q3 to replace them with. Any recommendations or comment would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    new tires

    just bought a 170/60/17 bridgestone BT016 AND 120/70/17 Bridgestone S20 as a replacement for my stock tires. let's see if there's any different from the stock BT021 on 160s. 16500KM on the stock tires with 70% highways/city, and rest mostly on off-ramps. planning my first track day...
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    what tires should I put on my bike

    hey friends, what tires should I put on my new bike 2009 fz6r that I just got last week. I dont do much of aggressive lean-sporty *** riding, rather enjoi longer trips. What brand/model/price combination would you recommend as seasoned fz6r-ers :) thank you all:p
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    Tire Life

    I bought my 2011 FZ6R back in November with 1400 miles and I am pretty sure they are the stock tires, the tires are dated with 2011. Is there any specific life of a tire on when they should be changed? I was in a Military Sport Bike Rider course and one of the instructors said that usually by...
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    Leaning question

    Hello everyone. First post to this site! I just got my FZ6R about 3 weeks ago and have been riding every day. I've been going through the twisties, and since I've been leaning pretty hard on it found that the back tire seems to loose traction in my lean. I'm wondering if that's a...
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    FS: OEM Tires, Rear Fender+indicators + More....

    OK, OK so maybe this should be titled, FREE to good home instead. Following are takes offs from my bike at 600 mile mark. IF you are interested in any of it PM me. Bridgestone Battlax BT021 Front 120/70 17 Rear 160/60 17 Headlight hi/lo bulb Stock Rear Fender, Indicators, Plate...
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    I am in the market for new tires for my 2012 FZ6R. Any recommendations would help thanks.
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    2014 fz6r tubed tire

    hi, I decided to change my tires, and while I was removing my rear tire, i noticed it had a tube in it.. is that normal? I thought these bikes didn't need a tubular tire? The tires I bought didn't come with tubes, I shouldn't need to use it should i? Its a 2014 fz6r any help is appreciated...
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    Ok I am looking at getting some new tires. The ones on my bike have kind of a flat spot on both front and back tire. They were made this way. I am looking on the internet and non of the tires look like mine. Is it just the way they look online or am I looking for a different type of tire? Thanks
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    Strange wear pattern?

    My last bike was a cruiser and the tires lasted forever, with relatively flat wear patterns. So maybe I'm freaking out about nothing... At 6200 miles, I am getting close to the wear marker on my back tire (Dunlop Roadsmart). It's the front tire that concerns me. Yesterday when I got off the...
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    inflation guidance

    Reading the manual, it says if you are heavier than 198lb to increase the tire pressure, but goes back to the lower pressure if you plan "high speed riding." Questions: **Do you increase the pressure in some sort of continuum as you increase weight? With my daily gear, I'm at about 195lb. My...
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    Rear Tire 160/60 vs 170/60

    At the start of the season I picked up a nail in my rear tire at about 500 miles. I plugged the tire and it has been fine, but I guess it developed another slow leak and the pressure dropped and it has a nice flat spot. I now have 2700 miles and I want to take the bike to Vegas in October. I...
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    Road Pilot 3s

    My Roadsmarts finally needed replacing after 7,800 miles and decided to give the new Michellins a go (no issues with the Smarts just that the Pilots are the flavour of the month over here in the UK). Only done under 100 miles so far so haven't really ridden in anger but my initial thoughts...