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2013 Yamaha FZ6R

•yana shiki hid headlight
•shogun motor sports frame sliders
•vortex led tail light
•puig fender eliminator
•two bros exhaust
•two bros juice box pro
•flow racing oil filter
•K&N Air Filter
•Puig rear tire hugger
•Puig windscreen
•Puig oil cap
•Windscreen bolts
•PSR kickstand
•Healtech GI PRO Gear indicator
•Puig foot pedals front/rear
•Galfer front/rear brake lines
•EBC Stainless steel front/rear brake rotors
Doing great, how about yourself. I'm retired now and doing my own thing. Believe or not I just tuned in here to see if you were still around. I really don't get on here very often as you can see. I am still riding the FZ6R every summer. I hope you are doing good and are happy!
Hello. I had a problem with my account and I created a brand new account just so I could post a message to you. My user name is cjspitzer. I had to reset my password and email account and when I went back and logged back in it only takes me to a screen that demands I buy a subscription (no checkbox to pass on th subscriptions). No matter what button I push on the website it won't leave that screen.

Also when I try to reset my password again (just to see if that works) I never receive the email with the reset password, even though it acknowledges my email in the dialog box.

Can you help get my real account reset. My real e-mail address is [email protected] I setup up a "dummy" email on gmail just so I could setup this account to contact you.

Thanks in advance.

Chris Spitzer