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  • no not at all, i avoid dealers as much as possible... i bought used got my bike for 4k with 1300 miles on it.... had to go through hell to get the title sorted out but in the end it was worth it.
    If you have a tailbag, and all you want though is to charge things in the bag or for an airpump. Then the single socket like what I have is probably a good choice as will save $ since will have part of the connections already from a battery tender. But if you want heated gear or GPS etc.. Maybe look at dash/handlebar mount options instead.
    Here is what I have:
    Powerlet SAE To Cigarette Socket Cable - RevZilla
    Works good for me because I only use it to power my air pump, or to charge my cell phone stuffed into my tailbag. Depends on what you want it for. Check out Powerlett Plugs Sockets Wire & More - Powerlet Products.... They have some sweet systems (including waterproof) that you can mount on your black dash parts. They blend in very nicely (for purposes of powering GPS/Camera/etc) if desired that way. NastyButler did that style setup and looks real nice. I might add that as another connection because looks like would work VERY good for heated gear.
    Yeah. My knees are covering them up, and they blend in pretty good. You can see them a little better in my Headlight album:
    Yamaha FZ6R Forums - International FZ6R / XJ6 Motorcycle Community Forum - MNGreg's Album: New Mini H1 Projector Mod
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