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I bought my 2011 FZ6R back in November with 1400 miles and I am pretty sure they are the stock tires, the tires are dated with 2011. Is there any specific life of a tire on when they should be changed? I was in a Military Sport Bike Rider course and one of the instructors said that usually by 4-5 years you should change your tire. The tires are not dry rotted or anything, but I am just use to car tires when the life is with tread and miles. Thanks.


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But how long have you had your tires for?


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lol, I've gone through two sets in a year... I hit miles before time! Probably once a year for me now as I haven't done much long distance trips.

according to the manufacture, after five years, inspect them often, after ten, change them... so, pretty long life if they are just sitting around.

When should I change my tires? - Buying Guide | MICHELIN Motorcycle - United States
Thanks! This is what I was looking for. Its a 2011 and it had 1400 miles on it when I bought it in November and it is just over 1700. So the tires don't have very many miles on them, but they are about 4 years old.


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Life depends on use and storage, both can reduce life.
Rubber wears, when used and vulcanises (hardens and cracks) when exposed to UV or stored out of shape.
I would recomment a max of 4 years if you expose the bike to sun, based on UK sun, you know that orange thing hidden behind the rain clouds. Sooner if you you actually get any :)
Of course, no one rides in the sun:)
Or did i read all this adverts incorrectly, maybe they said never ridden in the rain?

Wear is easy to spot.
Try to ride some bends, we have plenty of these on our roads in the UK, to avoid the flat on the tyre.
I got around 8k on the front stock tyre, and replaced the rear after a puncture or two.
Now using PR4 tyres, got a great deal from the local Yamaha dealer on these.
i chose these due to daily riding, often in the wet and their ride/wear spec.

When storing, try to lift the wheel off the ground, or turn the wheels every few weeks to prevent a flat spot, make sure you top up the air too.

Tyre is the English spelling for American Tire, just in case anyone noticed.

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