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  • Occasionally. I've slowed down a lot. Mostly just cruising around. Been looking into one these beauties.

    trust me ive been usng the thing like crazy thats why I needed the new tire and chain
    No mods lately... bike is so so...still have the head shake on decel..I think (hope) its the front tire... noticed cracks in the bead of my rear tire that was replaced in september...hoping thats just from flexing and not an issue....hows yours?
    I will see what is happening that weekend and pending weather I may just make a trip down there. ;) Where in Ft. Wayne are you planning on being?
    As far as the business cards go, if that is an endeavor you would like to take on, there is nothing against it in our forum rules. We had stickers made a while back that some people were using to advertise for the forum on their bikes. But I think the business card idea could reach more people. See if you can get a couple ideas drawn up, or ask the forum members to submit ideas. See where it goes from there. Also, you might generate more interest if you could give a ballpark figure for what it would cost.
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