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  • Well if you ever make it Australia, let me know I would gladly help to show you around.

    How's your seat mod going? You mentioned in a post you were planning to mod the pillion cushion with the banana as a backup
    It has been great, as always tooooo short,
    just like Aus you can never see it all even when you live in a place.

    I took my 3 kids to SeaWorld in San Diego today which looked so beautiful, saw some crazy traffic on the way back! I dont think there are that many cars in Adelaide total!

    Def wish I had a ride whilst here, looked like so many canyon off shoots from the freeway (5), I saw a turn off to Palomar and got excited, hehe.

    Cheers for asking, it is beer o'clock now, kids are crashing out and Mrs is back from getting her eyeborws tatooed (looks like Maggie Simpson's baby nemisis right now LOL)
    Thanks bud. Got a little healing to do. Physically and mentally. Hand hurts like hell but no real damage, just had another crevical epidural this morning so I have to rest that for a few days, went over the results of my latest MRI with the doc while i was there and its not looking good, and trying to get my head through the biggest let down of my career is proving difficult. Last thing I shouLd do right now is get on the bike and ride through pain and with too much emotion. I know I sound like a chick but damn this is tough. I've not once been rejected for a job. Especially not one I was tailor made for.
    Alright man thanks. Ill look into that. The dealer that I go through here is charging me about $60 each. Do u have any suggestions for a fender eliminator? At the dealer it's $150 plus more for labor for them to install it. I'm not sure how ez it is for me to do it myself.
    Alright man thanks a lot, I will hit u up if i have any questions. Actually i was thinking about switching out my levers to ASV levers. Are they as good as everyone says they are. Are they a good investment?
    Hey JT i just wanted to say that i love what you have done to your bike. It looks flawless man. I cant wait to start modding mine.
    I bought mine a few months ago for $350 I think. Great jacket, wish I would have gone Dianese though. I just got some pants from there and the leather quality is so much better.
    I really like the Shinko 009's. They're cheap and have great traction. But that's just my $0.02. Let me know how a wider tire works out for you.
    Yes, sir! Myself and one more forum member, but I can not remember who. What's up?
    Dude, it's amazing! I mean at least when I'm riding I can actually hear MY bike instead of the bike in front or behind me! I still will eventually want to get an exhaust, but this will definitely tide me over for a while. Thanks again!
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