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  • Hey man I have been up Palomar Mtn. That is a duzzy. I had fun going up it was the going down that made me uneasy. I guess you just have to commit. It is nice to see another FZ6R take these turns.
    Hey, I've been riding my 2013 FZ6R for about seven months now, I've been on two wheels for about eight months, and I am just now feeling more confident about testing the limits of myself and the bike. However, When I have actually leaned in to a turn a good bit, the ball on the bottom of my foot peg touched and that threw off my concentration. Seeing in the picture above, that isn't a problem for you, so what's the trick? What am I doing wrong?
    lookit this local squid what a shame huh

    Hey Jon,
    Sorry, only noticed the message today. I don't really get to log on much and check my email on the forum. I actually started back in May. Still have not taken the bike to work yet. My wrists hurt after a long ride. I live up in Temecula, so it kinda kicks my ass whenever I ride long distances. I kinda take it for weekend bumming around town nowadays. I do see your bike in the lot. It looks great! Maybe when my wrists are in a better mood, I'll take you up on it.
    hey how you doing man i just bought fz6r 2011 and i need some new mirrors the one on your bike look good what kind are they thanks
    hey nice bike dude! i just bought blue fz6r 2009 and i like it!! im looking for mirrors and yours are pretty neat! i wanted to know a bit about installation? ty
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