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  • Buying things for the bike? Come on...its riding season now!!! put that mod money in the fuel tank!
    haha... the only advantage I have is it's faster in a straight line. The 6R will keep up in the corners! :)
    Not right now. I have a bunch of parts that I will have to go on an install-a-thon to get on, just haven't had time.
    ST3 is better than ever with all the mods I did over the winter. Still in the same job for now. Not quitting until I have another one, unlike last time, ha ha. That red chain is going to look sic on your bike. What kind of deal did you get on it?
    Definitely nice with no payments AND no real want for any goodies since it already has them all. :) haha, you are a monster fiend. They should pay you for advertising.
    I really appreciate the offer, but I am not going for the monster theme. ;) Still waiting for my gold yamaha badges to come in but looks like I got jipped... still haven't shipped and it's been 15 days.
    yeah those will probably work better than a thin led strip. think you'll have to drill some holes in the inner scoop to snake the wiring through?
    Is your accent light pod red or amber? The under glow lights link you sent was for amber, but they had a link for red.
    That is correct... it will bounce your revs back down and back up pretty quick if you don't shift or let off the throttle.... hit it a few times on accident... scared the crap out of me first time
    The new city and job are great! If the weather would cooperate, I would be riding every day. It can't decide if it wants to stay cold or raining. There's only been a few days that I have riden so far since the move, and I'm going stir crazy ready to ride. The spools are great; glad you are getting good use out of them. Very handy, indeed. You are very welcome.
    Nothing lately, light pods in the scoops was my last mod. Might be adding a light to the power crystal or just blacking it out. Gotta lay low on expensive mods for a while. Wanna do the clip-on thing when I get a little $$$
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