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  • Alls good here man! Bike needs to be sat on yet. She will be mounted ;) tomorrow though with 60's finally here! LOL

    Are you trying to build more experience points for visitor msgs now? :)
    lol right? I got Two Bro's Exhaust with Juice box. I don't have the block off plates cause I don't see how they help.
    I need to quit spending so much as well. I think though, once I get a tire hugger and the HID retrofit, I should be good on big purchases for awhile.
    Running like a top, oil needs a change.
    Got side tracked on the mud flap part, back on it tomorrow.
    Oh yeah, I'll get some pics taken for sure! Chad has all the parts ready and I two day shipped it to him. He should be sending it back by Monday. Can't wait!
    Just got back to work for a two week hitch. Looking for a new job because this one is starting to suck ballz. I take it you're bored? lol
    Nothing much really. Just eating lunch at work. Bike is good so far. Just waiting on DB Windscreen and the Chain and Sprocket to get here. How about with you?
    :) Indeed. But you would not see much. You would be blinded by the pure awesomeness. They may make certain goggles for that, but not sure.
    I'll get my man card back. I'm downing a deuce right now while smokin a pipe filled with Chuck Norris' beard shavings while cage fighting 3 tigers and 3 polar bears (think there is a koala in here too, ravage little shits), all while riding a wheelie on the bike while playing poker with the angry midgit (*little person) on the back.
    OMG!!!! WTF am I doing :( That should have been #1! I am ashamed of myself. I pride myself in my beer and I live in the mecca of Micro brews! Ah!!!!!! Shame on me... today is a sad day. My man card has suffered a horrible blow on this day. Shame... shame... shame...
    Hmm... Motorcycles, Pizza, women (ehm, I mean my wife), cars, money, boats, dogs, etc. ;)
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