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  • not much I just recall you daid you had it a nd had no problems... im getting close to needing another rear and definitaly want a wider one. just confirmation before I purchase. do you have brand preferances
    Glendale. I leave for North Dakota on Sat and I wont be back for a couple months (work). I'll hit you up when I get back to AZ!

    Ryan 952-567-4744
    still having issues with your projector? I have mine all wired up, wires routed through the hole on the frame in front, going under the gas tank to the battery. Light is switching ok between hi/lo. I have the ballast and the relay mounted and screwed into locations behind the headlight assembly and fits good there. I still need to confirm that I can "test" close the headlight assembly with the Mini H1 and not the D2S since it is a little bigger.
    I've been trying to take some pics and even some small vid clips of certain parts/steps.
    Sweet man, that seat will look great. Make sure you post pic's. No I didn't not get my wheel stripe yet. I ordered a smoke puig windscreen and smoke visor for my shoei lid :)
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