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  • Doing great, how about yourself. I'm retired now and doing my own thing. Believe or not I just tuned in here to see if you were still around. I really don't get on here very often as you can see. I am still riding the FZ6R every summer. I hope you are doing good and are happy!
    You have been missed! I may be planning a trip to the west cost either next fall (2017) or 2018...

    I may try to swing by eagle point Oregon but the main reason will be to see my nephew in Eatonville, WA. If your not to carried away with family duties maybe we can meet up
    not a bad problem to have just checking in haven't seen you post much recently. take care buddy
    LOL That may not have been my doing. I talked with Dennis, and some of the recent issues with the site had to do with the Experience feature. That's how many of the active members lost their activity percentage and banned members were at 100% and receiving awards.
    what up playa? things getting better with your pops? wish you and yyour fam the best
    Yea everybody tells me to get sponserd but have no idea where how who ect. kinda doubt they would
    hows the bike! paid of with all the upgrades lucky guy!
    you want me to send you some monster decals lol
    Im drunk right now.. WHaaaaaaaat? :)

    Bandit is doing great. Took the wifey for a ride last night. Bout 50 miles. Her first time on it. She really liked it. Very comfy for her. No modding, just maintenance stuff and cleaning her up.
    you get you balls back yet? I mean have you drank a beer lately lol

    just bugging hows the bandit. any modding to it lately?
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