Ontario represent..?


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Hey guys, I just got my bike about a week ago :) c'ant ride yet tho because of snow... -.- c'ant wait to get out there and just wondering anybody close to Ottawa :) I live about half an hour away from the capital ;)
U still ride? Wondering where all the sport bikes in Cornwall hang out.


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New 2012 FZ6R rider in Ottawa (west end, near ScotiaBank Place). The FZ6R is my first bike.


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U still have those mirrors ???

Anyone interested in the 07-08 ZX6R mirrors that bolt right up to our bikes? I have a set that I'll let go for $20. I live downtown Toronto and work near the Scarborough Town Centre if anyone is interested.

Oh, for $20 it's pick up only!


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2012 White, Mansfield On. First mod done, took off the decals:D now she is looking very clean. This is the first new bike I have bought so she will be the one for a while now. Just waiting on some farkles to arrive...


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I'm going to Toronto tomorrow for two days. Without the bike, though, so I can meet with you guys somewhere. I think I'll stop by Hard Rock cafe on Yonge St.


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Well, I suppose I am the only one from Sudbury here haha. Although I know I there is 3 or 4 other FZ6R's around here in the North.