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hey guys - I'm new here, no FZ6R yet but the bike really impressed me.. and I'm planning to shop around this week and pick one up for my bday ;)

Cheers and see you guys on the roads
I bought mine brand new from a dealer in Montreal. Found it on Kijiji. I drove there and picked it up(just for the adventure). He said he could have shipped it to me for $300. I only paid $7100 taxes in. I saved a fortune because tax there is less than here and I thought I would have to pay gst when I registered it but I didn't.
Anyways, great deal, check on kijiji. If I find my receipt, I will post the name of the place I got it.
Good Luck....:Sport:


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Hey Ontarians,

Anyone know where you can get no-cut frame sliders for the FZ6R in Canada? I don't want to order from the U.S. I've been stung by a customs broker before and I'm afraid I'll get a big bill after I receive the sliders.

Unless of course someone has purchased from a U.S. vendor and didn't get a bill after the fact.
Bought mine online from China. I like to buy local if I can but hey the price was irrisistable .Nice sliders at a good price. They sent me "cut" sliders first though. Order was fixed and they sent me "nocut" sliders after that at no charge. Now I have a pair or Derlin cut sliders to get rid of. Must admit, they are nice. No border fees either.
Good luck

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Hey, hope that you guys don't mind me posting this here. I'm parting the aftermarket stuff off my bike. Competition Werks fender eliminator with blinkers $80. smoked Yamaha double bubble screen $70. T-Rex frame sliders $50. Smoked LED blinkers $30. new never installed clutch and brake lever $20. Everything is obo. Save on shipping, duties, taxes etc... I'm located downtown Toronto but travel around so possibility of meeting somewhere else as well. Message me if you're interested in any of the above items.


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4 years gone by... too late to post that there is a new 2016 FZ6R in Guelph? :)
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New to the forum. 2014 Red/White FZ6R. Been riding it for 3 full seasons. Great Bike ! Whitby, Ontario.


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Time to wake up an old thread. I pick up my new (to me) 09 at the end of March. Found it on Kijiji at a dealer in Delhi. It's only got 5078 Km on it, new tires, full safety and got them to do a full coolant flush as well. $4200.00 out the door including the free storage. I'm downsizing from my 04 Bandit 1200S, which I hope a guy from Hamilton is picking up tomorrow.