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    The DSLR Picture Thread!

    Found a few more of Amber that I somehow passed up last year during my editing spree and decided to touch them up too Flickr: Ryan Stoops' Photostream
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    The DSLR Picture Thread!

    I've had a MINI Clubman since 2009 which is pretty much a hatchback, had an accord sedan before that and don't think I could go back to a sedan if it's a car, there is just so much more room for stuff!
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    The DSLR Picture Thread!

    No Scoob here, both are my friends rides. I want a hatch so much -_-
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    The DSLR Picture Thread!

    Stone bridges just look great
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    The DSLR Picture Thread!

    Sage's Flickr
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    New R1 in 2015?

    That's more HP than my car >.>
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    So a commercial plane got shot down...

    I work for an NBC affiliate and woke up to my phone going nuts with alerts about the incident and there was network coverage most of thursday I think. CNN will most likely cover it until we go to war with russia or something since they covered MH370 for months... For the most part, it seems...
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    The DSLR Picture Thread!

    As much of a landscape I took of it, does show more stone and brickwork though Sage's Flickr
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    The DSLR Picture Thread!

    Any critique welcome, a few shots from the past week, I've been doing on a vehicle binge trying to find the proper ways to photograph a car. I'm starting to miss taking portraits though :o Ryan Flickr Photostream ]
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    Hello everybody.

    You're in the dangerzone ;), all cagers are out to get you so all you can really do is...
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    Forum issues

    Weird, only page 5 stays a white screen for me. Firefox 29.0.1 on Mac 10.9.2
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    college/employment advice needed

    This is my train of thought on that subject, but then again i am nowhere near in your guys shoes and have sort of s/o :p Totally joking of course, unless this is really how it goes :eek:
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    Two bikes I'm considering

    Well Josh, I've ridden both of the bikes before, the daytona quite a lot more and here are my thoughts of the two. The R6 is a great bike don't get me wrong, but it was (for me at least) the most uncomfortable sportbike I had ever ridden and had to get off after about 20 min. The Daytona on...
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    Gun Talk Thread

    So those of you that have AR's, what kind of optics are you running and back up sights, flip or solid?? just picked up a Rock River Arms Delta :D