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    Shorty levers install

    Hey Can anyone provide instructions or point me in the right direction for install my shorty levers on my 2011 fz6r? Any help would be really appreciated
  2. W

    Great eBay find

    Check this out. New shorty levers with a rounded break reservoir. Aluminum Black Master Levers Set Reservoir Cylinder Clutch Brake Motorcycl Parts | eBay
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    Levers Question

    Hello, Had a question regarding levers. Done the research on Pazzos, ASVs as those are regarded as the better ones, and of course most expensive. Saw these and were wondering about them: https://www.motomummy.com/levers/fp-racing-sport-lever-set/ Not sure if anybody's used them or if...
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    Comfort seat, black seat cowl, OSE Sliders

    Please Remove Please Remove
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    So it has been way to long since I've posted on here, here is my bike now Camo Wrap Viper Race can PCV Shorty levers GPS Tracking unit Scorpio Bike security Block off plates Fender eliminator Oggy knobs
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    Happy Hands - Rotate Your Clutch and Brake Levers Forward

    Tweaked the bike two weeks after I bought it because I was getting sore thumbs and hands. The culprit was the stock angle of the brake and clutch levers being far too high. If you too are experiencing sore thumb joints and hand cramps I strongly recommend this fix. Basically rotate your brake...
  7. C

    OEM mirrors

    I have a set of OEM mirrors in great condition off my 2013 6R. I would like to trade for some shorty levers either in black or blue. The mirrors do not have the nuts on them. I'm using them for my mirror block off plates. Not asking for any high dollar amount levers, China ones are fine. Please...
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    FS: Driven 17t sprocket, stock levers

    PARTS ARE SOLD I sold my FZ6R and these are some parts I have left over: 1. (SOLD) A Driven 17 tooth (+1) sprocket, new never used. I never got around to installing it. 2. (SOLD) Stock levers. In good shape. I'll get a picture up soon. Make an offer.
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    Ebay Levers vs Pazzo

    Well guys here is the proof, I should have posted this a long time ago but just found the pics again. The first pics are Danmoto Ebay levers, They fit perfect, They work awesome But they fade, this pic is 1 yr old
  10. R

    PAZZO frost wht *SOLD*

    i am selling my shorty pazzo frost white levers due to im about to trade my bike in. asking 120/OBO shipped
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    F/S: ASV C/5 Clutch Lever, Shorty, Black

    SOLD! (02-13-2012) Nearly mint condition ASV Shorty C/5 Adjustable Clutch lever. 5-Year unconditional warranty from ASV. Photos will speak for themselves. ASV Inventions Clutch Lever Black Lever w/ Black Adjuster Shorty Style Part No.: CRC540S Factory MSRP: $125.00 Asking $90.00 o.b.o (Price...
  12. Levers2


    Chienese CNC adjustable levers. Black with Red adjusters.
  13. Levers1


    Chienese CNC adjustable levers. Black with Red adjusters.