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  • The grips i am using are the Pro Grip 728 Anodized Grips!!!
    Motorcycle superstore has them and i think they feel great but vibration is a bit worse, but i also don't have bar ends on mine so ya haha they are good grips they cost about $20 and when you install them MAKE SURE YOU USE AN AIR COMPRESSOR or you will ruin the grips trying to slide them on also if you have bar ends you will need to cut the end of the grip off or cut the hole out AFTER INSTALLATION!!! =)
    Thanks! She's coming along. I have a few more mods planned. One that will blow everyone's mind that I'll start a thread about once it's done. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet though...
    It drops all the current topics down for pointless off topic crap. If they were meaningful topics then fine, but they are not.
    Eh nah she put her sim in and got everything transferred at AT&T . I havent seen what shes looking at so i have no cluee lol
    Hey man for the on screen Voicemail ( where a prompt pops up and asks for your password) did you have one set? Kim says it pops up and her password doesnt work for it. So i figured you might have one set.
    Congrats!!! I would like to spawn a new whore. From the Gear Whore to me, the Mod Whore, I now hail to you; The Post Whore.
    I was going to congratulate you on your 5,000th post, however I believe it was one of your drunken posts, so I didn't. Anyway, CONGRATS post whore!!! :D
    haha no thats fine, im gonna PM you about this whole situation here in a minute. WHat date does it expect delivery good sir
    haha thats straight man, did they go to the same address the contour and the phone? Good luck with whatever choice you and your girl make though man.
    Hey man , any idea on the date that the phone is suppose to get in? Reason I ask is the Ex wants to know so she can be home to sign for it which im sure she has to .
    I get home next Wed. I'll try and post up some pics next weekend. Actually... I may have a way to do it here. So I guess if it works, expect to see some in the next day or two.
    Been busy with work and trying to get some house work done on upkeep. Mostly do my browsing on my phone while at work and it is hard to make propper spelling posts on the phone. Going to start commuting to work on my bike daily (wx permitting) at the end of month (wife starts full time work at home from her employer). Gonna do my first oil change on the bike and chain adjustment on my own.. Nervious about the chain adjustment! :O
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