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  • Lol Im sorry I havent written back, my parents did find it. My mom was like "Why is someone calling you a whore, and whats a post whore? Are they saying you used to be?" lol I explained to her. And its all good I do that all the time and write crazy shit on it. I really appreciate what you did for me and sendning me one :) Meant alot. Just wish my parents would have told me it came in haha

    I would like to find someone in the UK willing to ship me the mounting hardware body panels and headlight setup for the XJ6N and use that to go streetfighter with mine. That'd be so BA! :Flash: :Sport:

    Let me know if you're still interested in this - I live in the UK, and I'd be happy to help you get your hands on the XJ6 parts! I have one myself! :)
    Thanks! I was kind of hoping to forget it but all these messages between this and Facebook won't let me. LOL.
    I do have to work on the holiday...I guess scientists don't get vaccation. But I was actually talking about working on the bike. I ordered some smog blockoff plates to eliminate the popping because I think my cheap plastic "fix" has failed.
    We could take the ladies for a ride to the mall, drop them off and do our wrenching, then go back and get them when we are done or they have drained our bank accounts.... LMAO

    Just let me know. I could try to get the work done early and just go for a ride if need be.
    I here ya, buddy! I have been riding back and forth to work, but I need to get away for a pleasure ride this weekend. I have a ton of work that needs to be done on the bike, so maybe we could find time this weekend and make it a wrench and ride day. I think Sunday should work out.
    yeah the playsport has been pretty good for me.
    all the sound is from the camera. i edit the clips, (add music etc.), with iMovie on my mac...
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