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  • loved ur vid from the snake buddy, looks like alot of fun. Do you ever get nervous being on those higher bluffs going through the twistys or do you kind of tunnel vision it and not think of the cliff sides?
    I ordered some special edition d3 grips last night :) As soon as I get the bike fixed ill be posting pics. The bike will look virtually brand new! I have so many new parts going on to the bike :) Cant wait
    do you like them? I was thinking of going with them(anondized gold and black grips) to reduce vibration along with renthal bars and renthal bar ends....
    hows the hunt for a new bike? Everything with insurance going okay? Keep us up to date brotha, hope you don' leave the forum just for the new bike :p I saw your pondering an R1, thats a pretty big power jump, Amazing bike but I'm to short for one :p
    man I can remember if it did or not. Yeah I noticed your stickers in your exhaust mod pics. I do recall it having an exhaust and the rider had a matte black helmet

    Oh and while splitting lanes at least the left mirror was turned up
    I think i saw you on rosecrans today. You made a left on aviation (I think). I was in a white tacoma with a small alpine star sticker on the back window. You lane split right between me =P. I think its you cuz your the only one with a yellow fz6r in redondo. It was around 3ish i believe.
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