How many miles on your bike?


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Bought new 06.09.2012, over 15k. Just wrecked it this week so it is sitting for the first time since I bought it till I get some parts :-/


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A year... about to hit 10k...


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My Rocket Ride's 2 year warranty just expired
15k (km's not miles, maybe a lil' less impressive)


11 months...............12000 miles roughly


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30,000 miles in 30 months,

The love of my 2 & 1/2 year old grandson has surpassed my love for riding, so most of my recent & future weekends have been and will be spent with him instead of riding.

He has become obsessed with motorcycles because his Poppa T rides one everyday, and most of the little vehicles he plays with are motorcycles.


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:eek: I don't even wanna talk about it.... lol

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Thats amazing! I've said this before, but i'm really happy to see that the FZ6r will last a long time. It may not be fast, but it sure is durable...


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After 1 month and 3 days, I have put 1,051 miles on her. I m really enjoying getting to know her.

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Loving all the White 2013 fz6rs. Just clicked over 9900 miles since picking up my white 09 left over. Made sure I was doing 99 in honnor of the man! :wreck:

Picked it up last March.
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