How many miles on your bike?


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I have had mine for approx 2 months and have almost 800mi on mine.

My wife has had hers shortly over 3 months and has about 150mi on it. That number better come up soon or her peraly white bike will be for sale.

Bikes were made to ride....not rot.


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5000 and slacking on maintenance due to cold weather :(


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I rolled over 6200 miles this morning on my chilly way to work. I haven't had much time to get out and joy ride, so it's been pretty much commuting to work.


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I have had my FZ6R for a little over 2 months and the odometer reads 14 miles... boy do I wish the warm weather would hurry up and get here.


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Im pushing 8k right now. Owned for about 7 months.


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4 months with 2200 miles. I bought at the end of september, so pretty good amount of miles being in the "off season".


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coming up on 5 months, 650 miles.


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Unfortunately almost a year with about 7k. Haven't been on since November. Between new career and family stuff (girlfriend doesn't drive and can't leave house unless with someone she knows, ptsd,panic attacks, etc we do all shopping and stuff on weekends)


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4-1/4 months and 1,300 miles. Too cold and wet for me- unlike others in this Forum who ride in snow and ice (I am a wimp.):D


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had since april of '09 and i have a little 0ver 9200


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2 weeks, still at 331... :lol: well, it came at 331...

damn rainy weather... :(


I've had mine for a year on Jan 30th and I have about 4,020 miles on it. Thought I had more, but I guess I don't. Sad day. Waiting for warmer weather to bring it out of hiding.


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I thought I had 6k, BUT I turned it on last week and let it run for a few and saw that it was only 57xx. I got mine at the end of June 2009.