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    Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Mirrors BLK

    Try taking the OEM mirror booties off when you put the ZX10R mirrors on.
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    Turn signal integrated mirror

    Left Right Mirrors Turn Signal Light for Kawasaki ZX 10R 2008 09 10 11 Black | eBay And the search function...
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    MotGP Trail Braking

    Another misunderstood element of motorcycle riding. Racers use trail braking because they have to. They want to slow down later and harder than the guy behind them, in order that they stay in front of them until the end of the race. Braking into corners also helps the bike turn as it...
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    Finally finished my "winter mods" pict heavy

    How will the wrap hold up if the frame gets hot ? It's been a loooong winter and I can't recall if the FZ6R frame absorbs much heat from the motor or not. Have you thought about painting or wrapping the fork lowers black ?
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    Bye Bye Pearl White!

    Weird color. Almost like red rust-o-leum or primer. Definitely get rid of the white with more rust-o-leum or black.
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    Going to put the 6'er to the test.

    3,000 miles is a walk in the park for Japanese engineering.
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    Probably too young!

    The biggest issues with the FZ6R as a first bike is that it's heavy at slow speeds and pretty darn fast when you get on some throttle. You need more skill and discipline than most 16yr olds have. I know lots of people who were lifelong bike owners who had kids that got streetbikes at 16 and...
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    Roaring Toyz Lowering Link Install

    Either one will lower the bike a bit. Unless you have the tools to change the spring yourself you will need to pay someone to do it.
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    Decal or no decal... Thoughts?

    Not sure who was asleep in the graphics department at Yamaha some days, but if you have a black 2009 you can swap out the decals for the gold ones on the 2010 and add some gold rim stripes or powdercoat your wheels and have a much better looking machine.
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    Roaring Toyz Lowering Link Install

    Again, unless you ride the bike FAST you are unlikely to notice much difference in the rear shock's performance. If anything, it iprobably has some benefits for normal riding conditions ~ even with the shorter spring and lowering link we still have to put the shock on it's lowest setting to get...
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    Playing with graphic ideas

    Whatever floats your boat :zombie:
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    WTB: Puig Touring Screen

    Seem to have missed the last two for sale :( If anyone else has one they are getting rid of, let me know.
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    Anyone have any experience on the Honda Interceptor 800? I'm lusting...

    The early 7th gen VFR800's with VTEC had some issues ~ a couple of wiring harness fires, and some bikes that seemed to have a harsher VTEC transition from 2-valve to 4-valve operation. I rode one in 2003 and it had what I thought at the time was fairly harsh vibration above the VTEC...
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    Looking for new wheels

    Since most FZ6Rs had black wheels you should be able to find a pair for cheap.
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    Photoshop Request?

    If I had a white FZ6R I would do white wheels in a heartbeat. Even a sloppy photoshop pic looks good LOL. Get some S100 or Simple Green and taking care of the whole bike will be easier, including the wheels.