What is your favorite BEER!?


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Mad Elf

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Lagunitas Lucky 13!!!


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Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti

close second is Southern Tier Creme Brule

I also all grain brew my own beer. Mostly DIPA's and chocolate porters.


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If you like that you should try Bear Republic Racer5 IPA.
never seen it! but if a man knows his IPAs enough to suggest one off one I like then I must find it. I like beers that guys who drink rocky mountain piss water or bud light ect would taste, and screw their faces up in a frown and say "that is terrible!"

then I know it just might be a great beer.


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Cold beer, preferably light. Not really picky. Can't really drink any regular beer since switching to light about 12 years or so ago.
"Regular Beer"

Idk why, but i think it needed the quotes ;)


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Enjoying our 20-0 win



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this thread would probably have more credibility...
No one knows beer like an Aussie!

.... XXXX Gold in that, James Squire "the chancer" is great in that aswell, if im drinking from bottles, its XXXX Summers (a bright Ale)...........
Just for mentioning XXXX Gold totally denounces the term credibility from your argument!

I should know,
I drink West End Draught!:catfight:
...purely cause I'm a tight arse who scapes all his pennies together for moto spendy projects