Losing power at high rpms

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I've worked on two different FZ6's, one with Bazzaz and one with PC. Both had no start issues so i bypassed only the FI plug to the OEM ecu and they came to life.

That said, ANYONE who followed the OEM install guidelines for these products should obtain power from some place other than the brake light fuse! I have piggy back fuse on mine that keeps them separate so a short or blown brake fuse doesnt take out the piggyback fuel controller. Its inexpensive, fits under the right pod and works well. In the states NAPA auto carries it....

Looks like so:


A.K.A "mini blade fuse adaptors", great for adding extra electrical accessories without having to butcher the factory wiring. I was stoked when I first found these.


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Just wiped and reloaded Adv Rev B. Twice I could hit the limiter, but three times I had it cut power hard between 9 and 10k. After shifting up once I still had a loss of power for a moment. Cruising around at a steady speed the bike bucked once. No time tonight to get down to the spark plugs.
For anybody running into an issue like this I was having it recently and mine would actually throw a code do understand if you're throwing 19 while driving You've got a vibration issue somewhere within the ignition system or your anti-theft is tripping possibly a connection with your ECU I did fix mine by simply putting a new ignition on just because I lost the key to the original wired everything in anti-theft where it's supposed to go etc and have not had the issue even once I used to get it while riding high-end RPM anywhere $6,500 or higher especially getting on the throttle hard it would not hurt for you to wire over your side stand relay to itself that way you can eliminate any possible issue from that rattling because you very well may be having an issue with that also it send to cause it occasionally I would have to manually push the plunger on the kickstands switch so I went ahead and wired the two together to close the circuit permanently has not given an issue since then but I cannot hit top speed I'm running into a different issue now where I can get up to maybe 92 or 98 but it backs down and wants to stay at around 78 I cannot red line in 4th through 6th gear but first through third works just fine with its power still available too