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Thanks Jerzee!. i will definitely look into that . I was relived to hear that a local car repair shop has a motorcycle tech. The bikes I grew up with were carbureted. I can see a spring service check up for my piece of mind. I can do oil changes and basic stuff but when it comes to the engine components I want more expertise. LoL all I had was my bicycle pump at hope so it was a interesting getting to 36 and 42 respectfully. Its been a long time since any bike I owned was actually pretty. The white pearl just looks classy to me. Have a nice weekend!


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Hi there! I'm a new member, but I've been lurking for a long time and this site has been a great resource over the past two years.

My bike is a 2015 FZ6R that I purchased back in 2021 for commuting purposes, but I couldn't leave well enough alone with a history of building cars. So it got clip-ons, rear sets, levers, grips, throttle tube, brake lines, signals, tail light, seat, and some other small things.

Unfortunately, I got caught out by a decreasing radius turn on the way home from work a few months ago, so I'm somewhat starting from scratch again. I do have a plan for the winter though, so hopefully when spring comes I'll have Version 3 ready for the 2024 season.

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