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I have the Michelin Power Pure for my front and the Michelin Power 2ct on my rear. I absolutely love those tires! Completely night and day compared to the Battalax's. I did get about 10,500 miles on my OEM tires though. I'm working on 5500 on my michelins right now and they still look brand new!


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I just bought some tires at 8500 miles on my stocks, i went with the shinko 009 was a so called deal for the pair at 160.00 Just bearly braking them in have not gotten to wild with them but sooner then later i will and see how good they do i went with a 120/60/17 in front and a 170/60/17. So far i like the feel and handling of them from taking a few turns from onramp that merges with other freeways its actually 4 on my way home or to work but ya so ya so far so good. :cool:


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I ride on Conti motions.... I love them. Way better then stock and I think it feels great in the twisties....

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