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Is it just me or do men have all the functional gear? I am still searching for boots that are functionally and not fugly. A jacket that is cut for a lady AND provides protection. Anyone have gear they absolutely love and would like to recommend? Thanks in advance.
Joe Rocket brand of gear is a sort of budget brand. I have JR Atomic Jacket, Ballistic pants and pheonix gloves. They are a good value for your money and my dad did low side with the same jacket and didnt feel anything. And they do make jackets for women.


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i bought a vega mesh jacket from Jafrum i love for the summer and they had the same one in womens in a couple colors. had the level 3 armor and was only around 60 or 70


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So im 5'10, 125lbs after being soaked in the rain. So I have issues finding things that don't flap in the wind (Joe Rocket). I currently have Scorpion Exo gear but I can't get a back protector to fit in the cutesy little pocket in the back. Consulted Revzilla and they can not find anything that will fit into my current jacket that will add protection. Dianese jackets are either too short in the torso or way too short in the arms (even when I have really long gloves). But when it comes to men's jackets there are a billion options available at any given cycle place but the women's section is either non existent or a tiny area that seems like an after thought addition. Very frustration. :banghead:

Has anyone been into a cycle place that has a nice women's selection in stock?

I'm considering a pair of Dainese Siren D-WP boots. Anyone currently wearing theses?


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Hi Melissa! Welcome to the Forum. I agree, finding gear is hard... Here is what I have found so far:
For a jacket, the best fit I have found is Olympia Sports Switchback
Olympia Women's Switchback Mesh Jacket - Motorcycle Superstore
But the problem with that one is that the sleeves are short, just like you said... It is snug in the shoulders but I have wide shoulders. And long arms. Which is why the sleeves are short. As for size, I wear an M, even though I'm in about the middle of S category for weight, according to their sizing chart, height 5'7". In the riding position I have about 1.5 - 2 inches between the end of the sleeve and the bone bump in the wrist. Torso fits very well (snug but not too tight on me) and hits my hips perfectly; is not too short and does not bunch up. As for options, this jacket truly is a 3 season jacket and of exceptional quality, with amazing armor! The liner also acts as a jacket, and it actually looks like a stand alone unit. I have a red and black one.
For gloves, I would recommend something like these:
Alpinestars Women's Stella GP Plus Gloves - Motorcycle Superstore
I have something similar from AlpineStar but I wish I had found these, they look like they would cover my wrist even better. The gloves I got were mesh with great protection and padding, and about $80, and the most comfortable gloves I have ever owned. So I would definitely by the same brand again.
For boots I wear the men's version of these:
Gaerne Women's Black Rose Boots - Motorcycle Superstore
But I have wide feet, if you have normal "girl feet" then you'd probably like these... :) Mine are very comfortable and with great protection. They are hot in the summer, as they are not vented. I'd guess these would be, too.

I can't help you with pants.... I purchased Fieldsheer mesh pants with warm/waterproof liner, which I think were replaced by these:
Fieldsheer Women's Titanium Air 4.0 Mesh Pants - Closeout - Motorcycle Superstore
But I can't recommend the ones I have and from the picture it doesn't look like they got any better. They are very big and flappy and the knee pads were in the wrong place so badly that I had to un-stitch the knee pad pouch and re-attach it lower. And they are too short for a sporty riding position, even though my boots keep my shins covered.

That's all I have - hopefully it helps! :)


I'm 5'8" and finding a jacket was hard. I bought a Scorpion. I found that alot of jackets when sitting on a bike rode up my back too much and gave no protection. Scorpion, on me, was the longestin body and sleeve length. I bought mens Speed and Strength boots that look like skater shoes. They are so comfortable on the bike and when walking round in them. All the womens boots I could find here gave no protection and I wouldve been just as well off wearing my winter dress boots for the same protection.

If possible go to a store that sells gear and bikes. At least you can try it on and sit on a bike to see how it feels. Thats what I did anyway. Once you find something you can always order it online if you can get a better price :D

Happy hunting!!




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I wear Speed and Strengths Wicked (wicked garden actually i think) and it is very comfortable. My mother's genetics gifted me with a large "rear end" even though i myself am only 5'4 and 130lbs.. so i love the V in the back that comes down and covers me while riding. It also has little buttoned straps that you can attach to your belt loops to keep it down, but i don't use them and I've never had it come up. It also has adjustable side straps to bring the jacket in closer to you for a snug fit. Those were all bonuses for me i bought it because i liked the design and the thick armour (not thin padding like the other jackets i had seen) in the back, shoulders and elbows.
i bought this jacket as my summer jacket for its thin removable lining, it does get chilly in the wind at night sometimes if the temp. suddenly drops but i usually carry a hoodie in my backpack :D

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Do it once, do it right. It's worth it.

Dainese gear has been the best I've found. If you're taller like me, it fits well across the shoulders and has been the longest in the arms of the normal brands. Most of their jackets have pretty good protective padding. It's also comfortable and doesn't have the protection pressing into weird places like above your elbow or right in the shoulder blades.

Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

As for boots, I've always gone the male root (again, tall). I've recently started using Sidi dirt bike boots after trying many a street bike and they have been my favorite so far. There are some Fox one's that are really cute IMHO. You also get props from random guys for the kick-a** boots, especially those who ride dirt, regardless if they ride street or not.


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I have gifted a motorcycle leather jacket from to my gf. She was quiet happy with that. As leather is quiet stiff which keep herself protected in case of accident.
Why i had bought jacket from Jacket4bike.
  • Leather is bit stiff but soften with time.
  • Double density removable armor in elbow, shoulder and back.
  • Price is much less as compare to any other motorcycle brand.
  • Colors scheme is much better.