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    Bridgestone S21

    Bridgestone finally come to the party and make a 160 rear. I've been using them, and they make me feel comfortable and confident to go much quicker than before around corners. It feels like you don't have to lean as hard to make the same corner speed as before due to the tire profiles front and...
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    How to remove rear mono shock?

    If you're confident, you can rock the bike onto one of the jack stands, remove the jack and put a 2nd jack stand under there, then rock the bike back onto the 2nd jack stand.
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    How to remove rear mono shock?

    I used a jack stand on one side and the jack on either sides of the exhaust near the footpegs from memory. I wince watching people jack up using the exhaust, surely it'd put a lot of strain on the exhaust to engine studs. You can remove the rear wheel so it balances on the front wheel better.
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    Which chain lube are you using?

    I like PJ1 because it's in between oily and waxy, it's just right.
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    Slipping clutch?

    There's also a clutch cable adjuster under the top of the left fairing.
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    Pirelli Diablo Rosso II review

    I got some Pirelli Rosso IIs recently as they were on sale due to the Rosso III already being out. They are really grippy and have a great profile which matches front and rear, feels good and balanced. Doesn't feel like I'm pushing them at all when cranked over.
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    Slipping clutch?

    Did you have the punch mark on the clutch pressure plate lined up with the punch mark on the inner basket ? I'd double check that first. You can see it at the 10:30 position on the inner basket here. I'd then check the clutch adjuster on the...
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    Thunderhill CA Track Day Pics

    Looks like a good track, I remember this track on Gran Turismo 3, back when I used to waste time playing games.
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    Choosing a Track Bike vs a Show Pony

    What's better than ...
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    Choosing a Track Bike vs a Show Pony

    Google image search of hot chicks riding motorbikes. If they are attention seekers, it's working.
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    Choosing a Track Bike vs a Show Pony

    Hot chicks that ride hard are hard to find. The GSXR-750 should go well on track, 190 kg, comfortable, apparently one of the more confident bikes to get your knee down on.
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    Changing the timing

    Can't the Juice Box or Power commander adjust timing ? I betta follow that link and have a look.
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    Almost Highsided Saving a Lowside

    I'd put it down to all those skids you did as a kid going down wet grass slopes. All kids do that right ? Go as fast as you can down a grass hill and then lock up the rear and see if you can control it, if not gracefully do a controlled sliding loop ? Maybe it's not allowed in parks now. It...
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    Ravens on the Track?

    Warm up the tyres and go at your own pace and within your own zone of what's a comfortable speed for you. New tyres are always best for the track, due to the optimal profile and fresh rubber. Life's too short for commuting tyres in my opinion, but I'm getting on in years now. I'd rather change...
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    Road Rage - No One Wins

    It's so tempting to punch through windows when they wind them down... self control, positive mental attitude