Bridgestone S21


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Bridgestone finally come to the party and make a 160 rear. I've been using them, and they make me feel comfortable and confident to go much quicker than before around corners. It feels like you don't have to lean as hard to make the same corner speed as before due to the tire profiles front and rear. So for a given lean, you'll be going quicker. The front profile is great for corner entry speed, as it has an agile feel, and also I can now brake into corners with these tires, something I never used to do, as I was more a brake early and get on the gas early style rider before, now I can do whatever style suits the corner. You have to know how to brake into slow corners, otherwise you lose too much time braking early, then waiting for the turn in point. So for the front to be agile, but then feel rock solid while leaning and braking is amazing to me.

I definitely recommend these tires. They will make you feel and then become a better rider.


Agree 100%. I could not believe the improvement in confidence that these tires give me. I was blaming the suspension for my lack of confidence on high speed corners that have dips, as well as slow, tight corners that seemed to require me to force the bike into the right line.

I don't now how long they will last, but I really don't care if I have to replace them more often than the originals. Next time B-Stone has a sale o them I will be re-ordering another pair.