The Timing Advance Mod: Valve Adjustment?


I'll be turning 50,000 miles on my 2009 FZ6R soon. Engine-wise, I've got an R6 header, Yoshi can, Power Commander PCFC running Marthy's Sport map. I run NGK Iridium IX plugs and 93 octane, always.

I've never had to do anything to this bike other than normal maintenance stuff.

I've never had a valve adjustment done. On startup, there's about 2 seconds of moderate clatter, but she idles fine with no stumbling, and when up to temp purrs like a kitten. She has not once ever "died," under any circumstance.

I'm looking at performing the timing mod and dropping a tooth on the front sprocket to revitalize my riding experience.

Honest question: Should I have a valve adjustment done before doing anything more? I feel dumb for asking this question, because the answer seems obvious. I still want your thoughts and opinions, though.

More serious question: What are y'alls experiences regarding price? Am I looking at $500+ for a valve adjustment?

Thanks in advance for your time, fellas.

Thanks for the bump, Texan. The universal silence pretty much answers my main question.

I'll avoid the timing advance mod until I can pony up the cash for a valve adjustment... just need to figure out the best place here in Waco to get that done.

Now, as for dropping a tooth in the front, oh yeah... that's happening ;-)


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I think the silence is more-so a slow forum thing lol.

Let me know when you're ready to do it, and we'll get it done!

Enjoy the 15t sprocket though. I think that'll be the most noticeable increase in acceleration of the mods.