Question Sprocket change effects


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Hi im going from 16t-46t to 15t-48t how much more acceleration will i get and how much top end will i lose also will my 0-100 be faster
I have the -1 sprocket and noticed a considerable gain in grunt down low. I’m a bigger guy, 280pounds and six foot and my top speed is somewhere low 120’s. 0-100 is a blast though. Gas mileage did suffer a bit. All in all, I’d say bite the bullet a do it! Without a doubt.


You will increase the speedometer error quite a bit.
Mines somewhere around 8-10mph off. Nothing a GPS can’t fix or if you’re worried about racking up mileage then just a Speedohealer.


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not to thread high jack but I have a question regarding this,

can someone tell me what size chain I will need with the 15/48 setup, I have searched but cannot seem to find what im looking for

thanks in advance

Just speaking from my experience and knowledge alone, I’m running a -1 front sprocket and stock rear and I’m running 118 link 525 O-ring. I thought about going up in the rear when I went down in the front I can honestly say I’m glad I didn’t. At 80 on the highway I’m around 8k. It doesn’t mind it, just don’t wanna stretch it out further for the drives I have to do often. Just my two sense, -1 in the front is enough and uses stock link count.