Most Protective Frame Sliders, Bar Ends & Spools

Hey all,

I'm looking for the company that makes the best quality frame sliders, bar ends, and spools (if available). I have used Shogun. I like them, but I want to replace all my sliders from my last small crash back in October.

I was thinking of going with something that is higher quality if possible.

I would like to find the company that has the longest slider with the best durability.

If I remember correctly, someone here said the Shogun bar ends are longer than other brands?

But anyway, if anyone can give me some advice I'd appreciate it!

I know there are other threads similar to this one. I did a little bit of researching, but wasn't able to find out which bar end, etc. was the longest and most protective.
Thanks mate! :).

I actually went with the T-Rex frame sliders. I know they have wonderful CS and are a good company. I don't know if any other product surpasses their quality, but at least I know they have a good product!