More Greeks, cmon!!

Chris K.

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I'd actually love to see more Greeks in this place!

I know that XJ6/Diversion/Diversion F 'aint flying around that much but c'mon peeps, since we dont have any other European specific forum for our bikes, show yourself! :surrender:


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Good morning from Athens
My name is Panagiotis(takis) Hatzis and I live in Aspropyrgos, 20Km west from Athens. I am 49 years old and last week I bought a new XJ6. I shall be here reading and writing, is an excellent forum boys and I love it.


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Were all around the world baby... Good to have u guys...

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Brock Kickass

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I am Canadian but I love Greek food, and I think I got pretty drunk that time Greece won the Euro Cup in 2004, so I'm down with you Hellenic cats :)