Michelin PR4 or Pirelli Angel GT


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so I posted another thread about the Battlax t30 but decided against them...now seriously looking at either the Michelin PR4 or Pirelli Angel GT for my 2010 Yamaha FZ6R...looking for some real world, Ontario bred, feedback...have read tons of reviews online from guys in Australia, California etc. but would prefer some closer to home who ride the same (or nearly the same) roads I do...I am not an aggressive rider by any means...would love to learn to lean more (thinking of a track day next year for that)...don't shy away from riding in the rain either (rode for 5 hours in a downpour coming home from Barry's Bay and only stopped overnight because my hands were blueish-purple)...planning on waiting for Royal's no tax event later this month to pick up a set but I could wait for spring...any feedback on longevity, dry grip, cornering, wet grip, slippage etc...I currently have the Pirelli Angel ST on my bike and I do like them, but rear definitely needs to be changed so might as well do both...thanks in advance, Ivana