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Good morning/afternoon fellow FZ6R owners.

Im gonna give my 2cents on the Work Marthy has done on the headers and the quality of the Viper can.

Review of Marthy's Work
As the Australian FZ6R's require the O2 Sensor, I asked Marthy if he would be able to wield an O2 Sensor onto the Header.
The O2 sensor fit perfectly into the Bunge he created so I cant complain about it.
The mod to the Header to allow the Can to fit on was also good quality, it was nicely smoothed and perfectly sized for the Viper Can. The wields were also done nicely and have checked too make sure that there are no leaks, which there aren't.

Review of the Can
The Can came chipped on the end when I got it out the box, and i subsequently chipped it again when the bottom of the box it came in caved in. I dont know if it was Marthy or the Viper people who used one 5mm strand of sticky tape too secure a box lid, but I wasnt very impressed. The exhaust also came with soemthing inside of it rattling sounded like a piece of metal possibly a screw of some kind.

The sound of the Exhaust is very nice and quite loud, so far It seems to improve on my driving experience. I have only driven 200km so far, but it has stopped 1 person merging into me and has actually moved people out my way. Going from a 50-100Km/h Zone people move out your way whilst you are accelerating which is always nice :D.

I do not have a Juice Box, but I will probably plan on getting one. My bike is limited I do have the Throttle plate to de-restrict it, but am holding off till after Christmas as Christmas is a great time to loose your licence or get fines as there is a great police presence when its Double Demerit time.

The O2 Sensor has allowed the bike to "learn" how the new exhaust works, at the beginning it was very jumpy with the Rev's and made popping noises whilst aceclerating. After a few quick rides it was behaving completely different. It does however seem that the bike doesnt accelerate as quickly as it use too, but that may have something more todo with the Restriction as I can not redline 1st Gear with the normal exhaust on so I am only getting a short twist.

Having the limiter on has allowed me to know exactly how the bike has changed. The acceleration seems more sluggish coming from lower rev's, but I have been overspeeding as the bike sits at 112km/h when it use too sit at 107km/h at the same Hand position so it seems it has more power.

I have also noticed that there seems to be more Vibration now as my hands, for the 1st time riding the bike, were slightly numb after a 120km/h ride.

Fuel consumption stayed basically the same the 1st few rides seemed to eat a bit more fuel that normal but I filled up before a 140km ride and only used 6Litres of fuel so that is slightly better than normal, although I did change from Unleaded95 to unleaded98 so that may of helped with the extra mileage.

I do enjoy the exhaust, but as I have to ride next to another person's house to get out my driveway I don't feel that it is 6am Commuter Friendly.
I love the exhaust when the bike rev's over 5K, It seems most of the decibels are produced around 2-4k Rev's so for a commute it would be slightly noisey. On the Highway tho the Bike sounds great and already has saved me being merged on once, so can't complain.

It would get a 10/10 if it was slightly less noisy at the Low Rev Range, but currently I would put it at 8/10 Mainly coz I was not happy at how the Viper Can was packaged.

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Glad you're happy with the Marthy Exhaust. Shipment was one of my big concern. I pack and ship all my exhaust the same way and had issue only once. The box looked like it has been in a train wreck! I blamed it on a piss off UPS guy that didn't like his job.

If you think the exhaust is loud... pull out the DB Killer! That's a different story! LOL

Even if you're bike is restricted, you won't get 100% of the exhaust mod without a PCV. The 6R like to run on the rich side. Especially in the mid range.
well im getting a 3800 payment from the government in a few days so ill be probably be using a bit of that for the Juice Box.

Only problem is I think that the Juice Box and Block Off plate are a bit out of my experience range as I have never really medaled with the Tank before lol