Hyperpro spring kit


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Just installed progressive springs for front fork with specific oil and also for rear shock. Since we don't have adjustable suspensions, (other than rear preload), I went this route. Improvement is significant for me in all aspects for handling and ride, especially when riding hard. If you're a heavier rider this is one to consider if you like to carve. Our bikes were designed to accommodate a wide range of riders and softer is not better..............IMO (under $300 for kit).


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Any specific springs/oil? I have been looking to do this for a while, so your help valuable!




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Check out the Race Tech or Hyperpro websites. On the Race Tech site you select your bike, weight, and riding style and it selects the springs you need. For oil, high quality 10W or 15W. I used 15W and recommend it.


I put Racetech fork valve emulators and springs in the front, and added a heavier oil and love the results. Just sprung a leak in the rear shock so I'm going to go with the Racetech Gold Valve and a stronger spring for better performance. Suspension and exhaust are the best mods for this bike, IMO.