How long for your break in?


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I thought I would start this one for that specific milestone of your first 1,000 miles, the end of your break in period.

I bought my bike on the second of March and had it in my driveway by March 4th. Due to my life as it is, I rolled over that 1,000 mile mark on the afternoon of March 27th on the interstate in my area.

So I guess that it took me 23 days to finish my break in.

How long did it take you?


I let my latest Yamaha warm up in the dealer parking lot, then red lined it out of there with 1 mile on the odo. Engines are tested at the factory. My belief is that it's all lawyer talk for telling people to ride easy the first 600 / 1000 miles.


It's not just piston ring/cylinder break-in. Clutch, transmission gears, oil seals, bearings, valve seals and seats, tires, brake pads and rotors, etc. all need some TLC for best long-term reliability, IMO. I agree that the demands of break-in are a lot lower than 30 years ago, but I can actually feel the slight changes during the first 2000 miles on a new bike.

Anyway, I try not to abuse the bike (constant RPM above 9K or continuous full throttle) for at least 500 miles. It can't hurt to baby the Fizzer a bit when it's young.

Back on track, I picked up my latest FZ6R at the end of January and put 500 miles on it in the first week. Since then we have had a lot of crappy weather here in FLA, so I only have 1400 miles on it now. I am still working on changes to make it more comfortable, 'cause it's a Butt Buster after a few hours.
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Running in

According to the service log for a bike I purchased in 1995, the first service was carried out 7 days after collecting the machine.
Approx 100 miles a day for 5 days, then wait to book in for first service.
One of the benefits of buying a bike in the summer.
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