Need Help High idle 2012 fz6r


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I have a 2012 Yamaha fz6r. It had the stock exhaust until now because previous owner i just got it from drilled holes in stock exhaust it ran fine and stuff but the sound was just not it. I purchases a Delkevic Exhaust runs fine and sounds great its just the idle is at 3k cold or hot. its not the thrrottle cable there is slack. do i need a power commander or what. im told by delkevic that it doesn't but idk with the stock exhaust with the holes drilled idle was fine. idk what to do. on website it says ''No rejetting or remapping is required after fitment on a stock tned bike; however, a dyno test t is recommend after fitting replacement parts to your motorcycle''.


Don't know why the idle changed but it won't be because of the exhaust change .
There's an idle adjuster screw on the left side of the bike . Look between the frame and panels near the throttle body for a phillips heads screw.