Had bike for 4 days, TOTALED


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Hello all,
First post here, registered about a week ago.

Not exactly what I wanted my first post to be..
Figured hall off shame would be the best place for this.

Bought my '14 FZ6R Wednesday July 15th with 12 miles on the odometer.
Put roughly 80 glorious miles on it..

Was riding to work Sunday morning, just left my neighborhood. Came up to the intersection, at a stop sign, going to make a left. I'm sitting there waiting for cross traffic (it's a T intersection) I'm looking looking to my left- one car is a little ways away.. I look to my right and there's the front end of a sedan headed straight at me (he's turning left onto the street im on but cuts too early).. no time to react, he hits me near head on (slightly on my right). I go flying for a short bit and my bike slams to it's left and slides about 15 feet..

Luckily the other driver stops and calls for help. And I get carted off to the hospital.
I escape with no broken bones, just major contusion to my right knee/leg and neck/back pain.

I was wearing my helmet, pants, and my work boots. My backpack helped my fall a little..

The bike is totaled. Estimated 7k just in parts to replace.

I'll post pictures in a bit.



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Fark! That's a shitter alright
Great to know you're not too bad but, I hope you heal quickly

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Obviously not your fault and every bike riders worst nightmare, you're probably lucky to be alive. Did they get done for it ?


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The other driver was cited for an "unsafe turn"

The damage:



Swelling was like 3 times worse than our is now.
Bruise is fading ever so slightly.


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Thanks for the warm replies all.

It's been a bit of a headache since the city PD had issues with submitting the police report. Finally had a chance to get it Friday afternoon. So everything will probably start moving on Monday..



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wow glad you came out without any broken bones. Wonder if the other driver was on his cell phone when he hit you? what did the driver say to you?


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Damn man.. So sorry to hear this! Glad you came out with no major injuries!!


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Well..... just got back from the orthopedic surgeon i have a torn MCL and ACL.
As far as the extent of the tears we wont know until i get my MRI done.
All to say I will be out of work for at least a month. :confused:

I never had a chance to talk to the other driver other than him asking if i was okay.. From what I recall in the quick second before I was hit he was looking down the street from which he was turning away from so he didnt see me until we made contact.
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That's horrible at all levels. Sorry to hear that happened to you. I also hope the distracted lamebrain who hit you does right by you. Hope you heal up very soon!


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