Gas mileage!

Just curious as to what everybody’s gas mileage is..miles to a tank, how much to fill up, etc. ever since I done the PC, exhaust and sprockets my bike doesn’t even know what gas mileage is. can’t wait to hear!


I get about 180 ish miles per tank. I get to the reserve and run it another 10-20 miles depending on how close I am to my regular gas station. I fill up with 87 octane and maybe once in a blue moon I use ethanol free 87. I use a some Seafoam in the gas tank at every oil change. I don't really keep track of my MPG but I do average about 180 per tank.

Pretty much stock everything except I removed the AIS and placed the block off plates.
I just filled up today. Been doing 165 miles a tank. Pushed my reserved to 30 miles. I have a 48T rear and 14T front sprockets and a two Bros. Exhaust, no Power commander. Bike is currently at 52k miles and running like a champ.