Fuel pump won’t work


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Good day everyone
I’m really need your help. I have a bike fz6r 2013. Bike after crashed. So the problem is fuel pump doesn’t wonna work. Problem is I’m not getting 12v on the fuel pump. So I checked the wire diagram and I check with multimeter the voltage on the wires. So I’m getting 12v from red wire from battery to start relay, after I’m getting 12v on the red wire on the fuel pump relay. Relay is clicking but after on the red/blue wire which is goes from relay to the Fuel pump/ Ecu/ injectors. On this wire I have 0.92v. I bought another relay and that relay is show me 0v. I have 12v on the all wires on the fuel pump relay 5vk-81950-40 except red/blue which is for fuel pump/ If I’m connecting direct 12v to the fuel pump it works or for example I’m connecting 12v to the red/blue wire on the relay so all the system and injector’s getting 12v but when I’m starting engine it’s just turning starter and engine not turning on. All the fuses is okay. So what do you think do I need to order one more relay or maybe problem is somewhere else cz I don’t have any idea now.


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