Finally decided to stop being a sucker


250 to change tires? I finally got around to getting a wheel balancer to do it myself.

Soon as I pull the axle I notice there's only one spacer... I'm thinking it isn't correct for the only thing keeping my wheel centered to be the brakes. That would explain the grinding sound (like brakes going bad) when rolling in neutral and also the extra wear on the left side of the tire (that's where it was missing)

I'm staying off until I get some. Anyone know where I can buy local, I don't wanna wait on eBay...


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Do you commute with the bike?

Lots of commuter bikes have more ware on one side of the tyres than the other.

The right side of my tyres ware faster than the left because in Australia we drive on the left side of the road, and when you commute and ride the same roads regularly the right hand (outside) corners are slightly longer than the left hand (inside) corners, these little amounts add up over time, hence more ware on the right hand side.


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Rocky Mountain ATV shows special order 5-7 days on that part. I doubt that anyone is going to have them in stock, because it is not a common replacement part.