Exhaust decision help.


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I just recently bought a 2013 FZ6R and want to get either a black widow or delkevic exhaust.

I have a few questions.

Is there a sound difference between 8/9/14 inch exhausts?
Or difference between Oval and round??
I don't want obnoxiously loud but def want drivers to know I'm in the next lane.

Also between carbon and stainless steel? Is it just looks??

Do black widow and delkevic sound very similar?

Also If I understand correctly a power commander isn't needed but a dynotune is??
For either brand???

How much does a dynotune cost?

Where can the dynotune be done?

Is dynotuning and a fuel controller the same thing or is a power commander and fuel controller the same thing?

8....Can I buy and install a fuel controller myself? (If needed)

Do I need block off plates??

Do I need an airbox mod??

I believe I have a kyn racing air filter? Was installed by previous owner.

Any advice or answers (partial or full) would be very nice and helpful.

Thank you very much.
BTW this is my second bike, first was rebel 300 and its like night and day!

I LOVE this FZ6R!!


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A carbon fiber tends to weigh less than steel and the carbon fiber muffler will dissipate heat faster. I used a CF slip-on on my R6 for weight-saving, the faster cool down was an added bonus.

I don't have any answers to your other questions as I'm sticking with the stack exhaust on my FZ6R.
Congrats on the new ride!

I can't help with questions 1 - 3.

Question #4 - Neither is "needed", but if you are installing a full exhaust vs a slip-on then you may want one or both. An aftermarket full exhaust will likely change the air/fuel ratio enough to warrant an adjustment for best performance. That can be done via a power commander module or ECU flash tuning. Aftermarket air filters can also warrant an adjustment for best performance.

Question #5 - I had my bike dyno tuned three years ago and it cost $280 at that time.

Question #6 - You need to search for motorcycle tuners in your area. I live in southeastern PA and got mine done at Karn's Performance in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Question #7 - No, dyno tuning and fuel controller are not the same thing. Power commander is a type of fuel controller.

Question #8 - Yes, but you will need to either create your own map or get an existing map created by someone else. When I had my bike dyno tuned, I also had them install a power commander, so they created a custom map for me as part of the tuning. Cost of the power commander (installed) was $385 three years ago.

Question #9 - It depends, but probably. If you get popping on deceleration, then you will want the block off plates.

Question #10 - It is not "needed" but some guys like the extra performance it can give. Mine is stock and good enough for me.

Here's a link to an article that explains a little about dyno tuning for motorcycles: How Much Does It Cost To Tune Your Motorcycle? | Cruising Ape

Have fun!


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I got myself a 8' stainless can delkevec full exhaust. sounds great, no tuning needed. feels quickier and revvier than before