Exhaust and switching gears


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Hey guys! So I’ve been wondering what a good mod for the exhaust would be. I’m looking for something easy enough for me to do and that I can reverse because I’ll be moving to Germany in a couple months and I’m not sure what their laws would allow for the registration.

also, when I shift gears it sometimes sounds extremely rough and forced rather than a smooth transition. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong to have it do this. I don’t normally shift gears until 6/7 rpm, and Im doing the whole let off gas shift up give it gas again.
I don't have any experience or ideas to help with exhaust mods. When I wanted a different exhaust, I went with a full underbody system from LeoVince.

On the shifting issue, there are three things I noticed on my bike (yours may be different): (1) my bike shifts better in the 5k to 6k range, except when going from 1st to 2nd; (2) when shifting from 1st to 2nd, my bike shifts better in the 4k to 5k range; and (3) the shifting gets noticeably clunkier as the oil gets some miles on it. The whole timing thing between clutch, throttle and shift lever takes some practice and trial and error. Best advice I can give other than what works for me is to try different amount of throttle when shifting and different rates of change when moving the shift lever, i.e., how quickly or slowly you move the shift lever.

Good luck!


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The stock exhaust is all one piece. If you want to be able to reverse any mods you make, you are going to have to buy a complete aftermarket system. I'd just leave it stock for now and wait until you're in Germany to do any exhaust changes after you know what the laws are.


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I don't know about the exhaust but my clutch/gearbox is really bad at changing down the gears.
On a cold engine no problem works a treat.
Engine temp rises and it starts to get hard to go down the box.
I have no problem going up the gears hot or cold