Engine Guard/Frame Sliders Review and Install


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Hello. I found some eBay engine guard/frame sliders and they looked pretty good but I could not find pictures of them on our bike or any user review of them, so being not too bad of a risk at $29.98, I bought them and was able to install today. Here is the link for anyone interested.

Overall thoughts: Seems well built. It uses a CNC aluminum piece that attaches to the engine using spacers and their bolts. Then an outer hard plastic piece attaches to that. The hard plastic seems like the Delrin used in traditional frame sliders. I think they look pretty good, but I don't care for the chrome spacers. I'll probably paint or plastidip them black at some point. I think they'll probably do the job of protecting the engine covers if the bike goes down. They don't stick out far, so they'll probably not help the plastics much. I don't intend going down, but if I do, I'll update with results.

The parts:

Installing on the right side:
Note: Bolts don't stick out beyond this piece when fully installed. I just decided to take a picture before tightening them all down. They sit flush when tightened.

Installing on the left side (sorry for the terrible lighting):