Any thoughts on a bigger rear tire


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I have a 180 on my bike and love it I have a 2012 fzr the tire is a
Dunlop sport max q2 180/55/zr17
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hello guys I have 2014 fz6r and upgraded the rear tire to 180/55/17 michelin 2ct i'm glad i did... overall more grip, better handling at corners and of curse looks better!! ;)


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You're using the term "upgrade" very loosely here imho. A 180 on that width of rim is only asking for trouble, as I'm sure many here will agree. Welcome to the forum BTW and be careful with that thing! :)
I would bet that the bike will handle better with the stock size vs a 180 if both were the same tire, simply because it is engineered for the 160. A bigger tire throws the engineered geometry off.


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Im wanting to go with a 180 rear tire, any thoughts on on whether this will fit on the stock wheel or will there have to be some modding done to fit a r6 rim onto the bike. Just wanted to see everybodys thoughts. Thanks!!!
Go for it I went with a 180 rear and it fits perfectly rides and looks alot better.