2013 FZ6r Yoshi carbon


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Hey FZ6r owners,

Just wanted to share my experience with this magnificent motorbike, ive owned this bike for a month now and has not disappointed me at all, since the get go this bike does it all, but found the exhaust was way to quiet.. So ive ended up of changing the muffler to a Yoshimura R77 full carbon with the stock headers...now this bike is sounding a lot better....been happy with this and i think it doesnt look too bad with the bike..

Feel free to have a look at youtube link to hear what it sounds like..

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Sounds way better than that heavy stock bread box:cool: how much did this set up run you?
In Aus Dollars the weld just set me back $150aud, but if you know a mate that can do it, it will be cheaper, i had a Yoshi pipe sitting around so thought ill put the whole muffler.. Its a lot deeper in person though and lot better than stock


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Heya, great mod! I am currently looking at the possibility of modifying my delkevic full cat delete on my 14FZ6R to fit a yoshi... any chance of some photos of the weld/pipework underneath?