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    The official Workout, Exercise & Diet Thread...

    Bump............ Finally reset my password....
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    Subscribe to mine & I will subscribe to yours...
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    Hayabusa Lane Splitting

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    Help me win a GoPro on local contest!!!

    Voted.... For the other guy.......... ;)
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    Buddy dropped my bike over the weekend

    You seem so calm about it...... Glad the bike is ok.... I don't let people ride my bike.... Generally...
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    How long have you owned your FZ6R

    4 Years???? You need an Admin to change your user name.... You no Rookie anymore... :rolleyes:
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    How long have you owned your FZ6R

    How long have you owned your FZ6R Or how long did you when you had one? Me I had one for over 1 year, which equaled 2 riding seasons..
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    Hayabusa Lane Splitting

    Glad I have never been to Texas... Anthony is in the clear.....
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    Hayabusa Lane Splitting

    I sure can steer some traffic to these threads lol...:cool:
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    Hayabusa Lane Splitting

    Just realized Fast Freddy, edited his comment LOL wtf... You are fast!
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    Hayabusa Lane Splitting

    I agree completely... I have had many more close calls when doing the same speed as traffic VS going faster than traffic.. I can drive "spirited" all day & have no problem, then ride the speed limit for 5 minutes & have 3 cages almost run me down within minutes of each other. I almost think...
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    Hayabusa Lane Splitting

    I have seen it on so many Facebook pages that I'm not sure where the "original" link is...
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    Hayabusa Lane Splitting

    People often say that on long trips I ride like a mad man. To me, this is just a relaxing Sunday ride, just a stroll through traffic at a leisurely pace. You say Tomato, I say tomato.... Hayabusa Lane Splitting - YouTube
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    Two bikes I'm considering

    I'm being serious..... On the real....... At least sit on a Busa.... Big plushy seats for both operator & passenger A true touring bike A true sport bike A comfortable, plushy, cadillac ride whether going 60 or 160 Completely customizable Sit tucked in or upright Plop the cowl on & take...
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    IRS - You owe or Refund?

    Must have walked in on the wrong chat, Sorry, thought this was an oil thread....;)