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    PCV Maps

    Hey Mate, I did used the Autotune with the data logger back in the days. Most map were tuned in the 13.6ish if I remember well. The Touring maps were set around 14.0 at cruising speed up to about 80mph. I left the map on the fat side over 20% throttle.
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    Marthy's PCV Maps

    Oh, if I don't respond try the FBook page.
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    Marthy's PCV Maps

    Hey Guys, I usually try to pop in every now and then. I've been doing my best to respond in timely manner...
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    PCV Maps

    got your message, check your email
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    I said the same thing on FB group this week. Should have named it FZ7R instead of R7. LOL Going to be a killer street sport bike to be honest but not a pure race breed like the R6
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    PCV Maps

    Email me, I'll send you the map.
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    Help! Bike keeps shutting off.

    Dynojet are pretty awesome to stand by their product. You should have send it out to them, bet you anything they would have warranty it and ship you a new one.
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    Delkevic Exhaust Assembly?

    You guys still talking $hit about me LOL :D Ya, email me and I'll send you the map ([email protected])
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    high mileage valve clearance, how important to change shims

    If you have time, do it but being borderline on the tight side is fine for now. 0.008" is still enough clearance not to do any damage.
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    Fork Oil questions?!

    115mm with fork fully compressed. From the manual...
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    Fork Oil questions?!

    It's been a while, so double check. The measurement on top of my head is 148mm from the top of the fork tube with the suspension all the way in. I ran 130mm on my FZ09 to make it more progressive and the numbers were about the same. 20W to 15W oil fork oil is what most of us used back then... 5W...
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    Marthy Tribute Exhaust.... Oh yeah!

    Inbox me your email. I'll send you the mother of all map LOL
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    Marthy Tribute Exhaust.... Oh yeah!

    Been there, done that! That was my first exhaust mod with a R6 header. There's better option in my opinion. Using discs is too restrictive but if you don't want to tune it it's fine. I did put all the spacers and add some washers to open it up some more in 2 or 3 rows. The Delkevic DS70 with a...
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    Air box mod

    I cut off the whole bottom at a slight angle. There's a tread about it somewhere...
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    Sport RevA Backfire

    Got your block off plate installed?