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Hi all, haven't been very active here since joining but I figure this is probably the best place to post -

Selling a complete setup to convert your FZ6R to an XJ6N naked bike. Paid a little over $600 total, would like $500 out of it.

Price Dropped to $375

Parts can be seen in pictures and the packing slips have item/part #'s for everything (not including the belly pan and fairings), but there's basically all the euro-brackets, bolts, etc including FZ-09 mirrors sourced locally and from the Netherlands (CMSNL.com) and a set of Chinese fairings from eBay. Also have a used belly pan (didn't come in the fairings kit, so I found one for sale in the UK on eBay). Belly pan could stand to be cleaned with some soapy water (not going to bother with the use of one hand), and the fairings are a flat, I would describe as raw black plastic (looks similar to the piece near the the helmet lock), looks close enough to OEM that I was planning on leaving that and painting the white the same metallic black as the fairings. Other than that everything else is still in sealed pouches and has never been mounted.

Pics below, feel free to msg or email any questions.
Would prefer someone locally, but would consider shipping (and PayPal) if I can't find anyone in SoCal to pick up (Santa Ana area). I can fit everything in the box the fairings came in, but it's ~22x13x13", dunno about weight but can't be more than 10lbs I'd guess.

Only reason I'm selling is because I ordered all these a week before I was in a hit and run with an SUV; broken ankle, thumb, and 5 ribs...gonna be out of work for a while. Parts arrived while I was in hospital and have been sitting in a closet the past 2 weeks since I got back home. Bike is totaled, so can't install these any more...and no point in holding on to them until I know if/when I get another bike.

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Sorry to hear about the accident. I am in the process of buying another FZ6R which I want to convert to XJ6N. Once I purchase the bike I will contact you to see if it is still available.


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Thanks; I just can't wait to get back riding....got 11 more weeks of therapy to repair my thumb though so I'm stuck in a truck again :(

Feel free to hit me up whenever @[email protected] don't check this site very often (maybe 2x a week) so email is quicker/better for me.


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If this is still available i would be interested, but I highly doubt it. if you happen to have a list of all the parts that I would need to order from europe for the conversion, that would be greatly appreciated.