XJ6 exhaust?


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just fitted a scorpion rear can and had the stock exhaust cut just behind the headers.
the guy that did it has made me a custom link pipe that fits between the two.
sounds sweet now. :D


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The best exhaust for XJ6 is made by G.P.R. (Thunder Deeptone Full-system).

Fits perfectly, just made for XJ6's.

It even has a heat sensor socket, so you don't need to make any tuning.

Sound is amazing, check-out youtube and you will realize that it has the best XJ6 sound ever.

You will gain 6-7 hp, and loose 9 kg of weight.

I can say that it's definately the best mod I've made for my XJ6 Diversion..


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2013 xj6

Is the 2013 xj6 exhaust compatible with the 2013 fz6r

I want to get a two bros exhaust but they don't have a listing for 2013 xj6


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has anyone seen this yet? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K64AFj6FCzs]XJ6 double GP Exhaust - YouTube[/ame]


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Bit of a bump on an old thread, Anyone got the GPR system and willing/able to put up a few decent pics and a HQ sound clip ?

Cheers Guys :D


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Bit of a bump on an old thread, Anyone got the GPR system and willing/able to put up a few decent pics and a HQ sound clip ?

Cheers Guys :D
PROS: Unique
Sounds more like a liter bike than a 600cc
Very deep idle and ramps up to a beautiful wail at WOT

CONS: Difficult to obtain
Instructions are useless
Fasteners were incomplete and muffler mount wasn't a bolt on affair

I don't have any videos, because I don't have a decent mic. It would be a disservice to fill up the internets with another crappy cell phone exhaust video. It has 2 removable DB killers: one at the muffler inlet and one at the outlet. I only have the inlet DB killer installed; mostly because I don't like the look of the DB killer on the outlet. It's still pretty loud, but I always wear earplugs and the wind noise overpowers it on the highway anyways. With both DB killers installed its roughly stock noise level. Note you need to purchase the DB killer on the muffler outlet separately.

It's a fairly well thought out system, but being Italians it wasn't given the attention to detail and ease of installation of say an Akrapovic. The instructions included didn't even show a comparable exhaust system and were completely useless. The band clamp style muffler clamp wasn't assembled and they simply include a strip of aluminum and a strip of rubber and you have to cut the rubber to fit and bend them around the muffler. Things like that should already be trimmed to fit and ready to install. They included a bunch of randomly sized washers and bolts. It wasn't enough to use all new fasteners on the mounts, but why even include them if I should reuse the stock fasteners? I also needed an m10x1.25x15 bolt to plug the oddly sized o2 sensor bung, but I don't blame them for that, since the euro models have a narrowband o2 sensor. I ordered the exhaust off of ebay after I waited 3 months for my vaporware Leo Vince and finally gave up. Good thing I didn't wait it out as from what I gather they went tits up and another company is trying to startup production at one of the factories. It took a few weeks for them to ship the exhaust without any communication whatsoever. They only shipped it after I filed a claim though ebay fearing that I had been scammed. The exhaust shipped out of the same village that the GPR factory is located in (in Italy), so I can only assume I was dealing with the actual company and not just an ebay vendor. Overall I am satisfied with the exhaust, but more attention to detail and much better customer service would go a long way into improving their product. The actual materials and fabrication are excellent, but it's as if they had children write up the bill of materials and instructions. It really is that poor. I open the maybe 4 page manual, which was poorly written in 4 languages. Each showing numerous disclaimers to "have a properly trained engineer install this exhaust," along with a picture of a completely different exhaust system that was only similar in that it used metal tubing and ended in a muffler. I didn't understand how the band clamp around the muffler attached and so I resorted to piecing enough info together from the couple photos I found online to make it work. I'm pretty darn technical and mechanically inclined, and it took me a couple hours to figure out how this box of tubes and random fasteners all went together. I don't need a step by step installation manual, but even just a 1 page system drawing with some callouts would have saved me an hour of dicking around.
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This is the Arrow Dark line - Street Thunder.

I run it with the db killer removed, it's crazy loud when your flogging the bike (sounds like last years F1 cars) and is pretty deep at low revs, but at the right revs can be ridding pretty quite also( say...past the cops ).

Sits nice and low too, and runs inline with the foot rest bracket, tidy!

Set me back $750Aud, sent from Italy.


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I might add to the above. It took me 30mins to install, instructions and parts were so clear and straight forward.

That is all...


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Wow that is a really good price for a brand exhaust sent to Aus :D

Mind sharing a link or perhaps details to where you purchased it from?